Removing min-height inside Chat widget

i use chat widget in my application . but there is min-width and min-height in chat widget .how can i remove that min-width and min-height .because i have do for mobile responsive .i already try with custom css feature thz.

Hi @SiThuWin,
Chat widget supports a minimum width of 400px and minimum height of 450px. I’ll create feature request for mobile responsiveness for Chat widget and add you to the subscriber’s list so that you’ll be notified when we take this for implementation release an update.

Hi @SiThuWin,
I have added you to our feature request for mobile responsiveness.
Our product team will reach out to you with updates on progress.
You can also track progress using the link Ability for the Chat Widget to be adjusted automatically in mobiles | CometChat Pro | CometChat.
For any further technical support please feel free to reach out to us on