SASLError using SCRAM-SHA-1: not-authorized coming on Android wile login

SASLError using SCRAM-SHA-1: not-authorized this error comes up and whenever i am trying do Cometchat.login in ANdroid, previoulsy it was working absolutely fine. Need an urgent support on this please help us out

Hello @stayBlessedTech

Can you please let us know if this is happening to all the users or any particular user.
Please share with us your app id and the uid of the user for which this error occurs


This is happening with every users even with the pre-created superhero’s ids also
App Id- 13305a8a6f11e7d
User Id - 5e0dcae79c8cc1001218f3ae, superhero2
This error has started occurring suddenly because we have been using successfully since a long time but this error never came,

What strange thing i found is, i had another trial account so I used that account’s app id , but this error didn’t come on that app id .
App Id (Working on this app id with superhero login )- 1886022eec4289d

Need an urgent solution on this please help us out.

Hello @stayBlessedTech

I will just check this and get back to you.


To make it your job easier let me tell you about my debugging result
My conclusion is its happening because our trial has been extended by you guys on our request and some data attributes is causing this issue

Here the question comes,How ?
So I have 2 App ids with different emails one I have created few days (1886022eec4289d) and another (13305a8a6f11e7d) which we have been using since a very long time which trail got expired and after requesting you guys on certain terms (that is a different matter ) you guys extended our trial period for few days . So as i mention eralier that for recently created App (1886022eec4289d) its working fine but not working with the old one (13305a8a6f11e7d) ans so i debugged the network calls of your apis
So in this api respose ( i found that
App id 13305a8a6f11e7d has a extra attribute currentPlan with the value “trail” but however trialEndsAt key has a future date value as well
App id 1886022eec4289d doesn’t have this extra key in when we call the same api (And its working fine)

I hope it will help you solve this issue asap, as we are in abit hurry request you to take a quick needful action on this

Thanks for your support

Thank you for the detailed information. However, this issue does not seem to have anything to do with the trial plan or extension of the appId. We are however investigating this and will keep you posted on the same. Hopefully we should be able to get to the root cause of it soon and resolve this at the earliest


Hello @stayBlessedTech,
It seems that you were correct. Apologies for the miscommunication. While extending your trial there was a failure to reload the archived data to our web-socket servers. You should not face this issue again. We tried at our end by logging in with superhero accounts at our end and everything is now working as expected.
Appreciate your patience.


Not an issue, thanks for your quick response, really appreciate it

Do let us know if everything is working as expected at your end. :slight_smile:

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