Search messages feature broken

It seems the searchKeyword for messages functionality in the SDK is currently broken. Our search feature was working before and stopped working without touching it.

MessagesRequest.MessageRequestBuilder().set(limit: 50).set(searchKeyword: keyword).build()

Fetching next or previous returns nothing.

Hi @jeraldo,

Please use .set(uid:uid) or .set(guid:guid) along with searchKeyword.

Hi @ketan.yekale. Setting the uid or guid means I can only search for messages within a conversation with that user or group. Previously we are able to search through all the messages without specifying the uid/guid. We have a feature that allows the user to search for a message from anybody based on a certain keyword. Is there any chance that this feature can be brought back?

Also, this is where change logs that we’ve been requesting from the CometChat comes in. If there are change logs for each SDK release, or at every change in your back end implementation that we can see and get notified about then we would know what features are changing. This change in the search feature would’ve been brought to our attention if it wasn’t for our testing.