Securing the Avatar link

How do I secure the Avatar link with a token in Create User API? Right now I have to host my avatar images in public S3 bucket and assign as the Avatar link . But I need to make it private and secure with a short lived token.

Is it possible to upload the image of the user during creation instead the setting the avatar link.

Hi @madhava.vithana!

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Although you cannot directly upload the user avatar on our platform, here is how you can solve your problem:

  1. When creating a user, specify the avatar link as a URL pointing to your server e.g.
  2. On your site, write a small piece of code in the programming language of your choice. The code should basically forward the browser to the actual S3 private URL (with the short lived token) after processing the incoming uid.

I hope this makes sense. Let us know if you need further help.


It makes sense, but I hope in future we can directly upload the picture with the profile and offload the file processing overhead from our end.

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