Show a Specific Group Chat first

For embedded chat on website, how do I enable a specific group chat to appear first? Right now, the “Chats” window shows first and so there is an appearance of nothing happening.

For my purpose, I would want a specific Group chat to appear first as that would be the general chat for our events or regular programming. Ideally, SSO onto WordPress would automatically add the person to that group and it would appear first. At the very least, allow the available groups to show in a list first. I tried to arrange the icons at the bottom, but the default section goes to “Chats.”

Why this is needed is because people tend to not know what to do and the initial chat window shows nothing. This does not help non-savvy people from knowing where to start. You can see from the first image I uploaded that there is an appearance of nothing happening.

Because I cannot upload two images because I am still “new,” I will provide a follow up comment to continue my request.

At the very least, the group list should populate like this image.

But the best case scenario would that the “_Main Stage” group would show the comments and people would be already added in.

I’d appreciate a working solution for this if possible. Thank you.

Hi @kev
You need to add the following keys to enable a specific group chat to appear first:
default-id=“GUID” & default-type=“group”
Please refer this link for documentation: WordPress
Also, we’ll be releasing an update in a short while which would fix the issue with the icons arrangement.

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