Sync data from api with local database

I have a local database of all chats to provide offline functions. Now maybe a username,description or profile picture changes. What is the best way to update a database when data from metwork changes?
Right now Im using Room database, but Im flexible with the database type if there is a better way.

Here’s a general approach:

  1. Network Request and Update: When you receive updated user data from the network, update your local Room database with the new information. You can do this by triggering an update query in Room to modify the existing record.
  2. Use a Repository Pattern: Implement a repository layer in your app that acts as an intermediary between your network data source and local database (Room). The repository should handle data retrieval, update, and caching logic. This separation of concerns makes it easier to manage data synchronization. You may get more details at Data Science Course in Pune
  3. Handle Data Versioning: Consider adding a versioning mechanism to your data models. When you receive updated data from the network, check if the version in the incoming data is higher than the version in your local database. If it is, update the local data.