System Messages and Unread Message Count

Hi, we have just signed up for Paid plan and currently testing our CometChat implementation in our web application. Our challenge at the moment is that system messages are showing up in the chats for our client users. We do not want them to see the system messages and in our UI, we have hidden them. However, it seems the unreadChat number also includes system messages which will confuse our users when they log in. Is there an endpoint to read only unread user messages?
This is really important for us as we are migrating our chat platform from Pusher’s Chatkit to CometChat we need to make the migration as seemless as possible for our users without creating uneccessary confusion.


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Hello @stevepop,

Currently, we take into account all types of message(message, media, action, call messages) to calculate the unread message count. However, We have added this to our feature requests which is monitored by our product team. You can track the progress on this request by visiting the following link.

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