The guid format is invalid


I have a feature of creating group in our react-native application. To maintain the uniqueness of guid, I am generating guid based on this logic

let name = "Rohit test group 😁"
let groupName = name.replace(/ /g, "_");
let GUID = user.uid + "_" + groupName + "_" +

One of an example guid which I am getting is “918888863333_Rohit_test_group_😁_1590156546861”. But, I am getting the following error while creating the group.

{"code": "ERR_BAD_REQUEST", "details": {"guid": ["The guid format is invalid."]}, "message": "Failed to validate the data sent with the request."}

I am suspecting it is because of emoji character. Can you tell me what are the supported character for GUID of group? Also, do you have any better suggestion of generating GUID which remains unique too?

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Hello @Rohit_Augmento,

Yes the problem is caused due to the emoji in the guid. If you wish to generate the guid based on the name of the group, you can create a md5 hash of the group name and set that as the guid.

The supported characters are: a to z, A to Z, 0 to 9, - and _

Note: Though it accepts capital A to Z, system converts it to lower case.

Hope this helps


Using the md5 string solved the issue