Thumbnail Generation extension invalid filetype for uppercased extensions

Hi. Upon sending a media message with a file extension that is uppercased, the thumbnails cannot be generated and the metadata is set to as below. The file extension was in JPG.

<CometChatPro.MediaMessage: 0x7fb9356a3660> Optional(["@injected": {
  extensions =   {
    "thumbnail-generation" =     {
      error = "Invalid filetype, we only support jpg,jpeg,png,gif,mov,mpg,mpeg,mp4,wmv,avi";
}, "randomMsgId": 50001, "path": /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Screenshots/VSCO/87960450-5AD3-41A9-BFA4-14B57611F4D9.JPG, "caption": ])

Hello @jeraldo,

We have fixed this issue, can you please check.


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