Time Delay on Connecting calls

Dear Team,

Once the audio or video call answered its takes few seconds to connect the call for both the users. There is a blank screen till the call connects. How to rectify this, as users wants to connect immediately after the call attended.

This happens every time on connecting call and on connecting to the ongoing call. Let me know to handle it ASAP.

Dear Team,
Waiting for the reply.*

Dear Team,
Why no response from your side

Hi @aupriya,

It totally depends on the network. We suggest you
to add a message “Connecting to call” as TextView inside your layout file and hide it when onUserJoined() is triggered.
You can also check our UI Kit for reference.

Hi @darshan.bhanushali,

Ok “Connecting as call” is coming till it joins. One more why there is no way to join the ongoing call when i click back from call. It was there in chat activity previously but not now and what if i minimize the app. You can add in notification about ongoing call. But its not there when i try to implement it in my app its getting complicated while fetching session and caller details to show on notification. Help us to resolve ASAP.