Trouble receiving push notifications on Android

Currently we are developing an Android app using the Cometchat SDK. We are now at the point where we would like to add push notifications, but unfortunately we cannot get it to work.

When sending push notifications directly from the Firebase dashboard they work just fine. Also subscribing to a topic (e.g. xxxxx_user_superhero5) and only sending to subscribed users like described in the documentation works fine from the Firebase dashboard. But when sending messages from the Cometchat dashboard the user does not receive any push notification. There is also no push notification displayed on the Firebase Cloud Messaging dashboard, so we think the push notifications from Cometchat do not reach the cloud messaging platform. Maybe we misconfigured the extension, should we use the new or old Firebase server key and does Firebase show notifications from Cometchat on the Cloud Messaging dashboard when configured right?

Any help is appreciated!

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@Jan can you please elaborate the steps you have followed to implement push notifications and please share the code used to achieve the same. It will help to resolve your query faster. Please mention the SDK version also you are using.

Hi @Jan,

Firebase cloud messaging platform does not list the push notification sent via REST API. To confirm that the push notifications are being sent successfully, Please check the Report under Cloud Message section in Firebase console. PFA this screenshot.

The value for Sends increases after refreshing the firebase console.

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