Unable to read my one to one chat conversation!

Hello comet team,

We have facing a problem in one to one chat from last weak ,we are unable to read the conversation chat showing a anonymously message toast

"An error occurred while performing this operation,please try again.
Contact comat chat support team if the error persist "

  • using comat chat sdk
    implementation ‘com.cometchat:pro-android-chat-sdk:2.3.5’

if (latestMsgId != latestMsgIdTemp && AllDirectChatActivity.sendCount > 0) {
		AllDirectChatActivity.sendCount = 0;
		MessagesRequest messagesRequest = new MessagesRequest.MessagesRequestBuilder().setUID(receiverUser.getUid()).setMessageId(latestMsgId).setLimit(20).build();
		messagesRequest.fetchNext(new CometChat.CallbackListener<List<BaseMessage>>() {
			public void onSuccess(List<BaseMessage> list) {
				latestMsgId = latestMsgIdTemp;
				for (BaseMessage baseMessage : list) {
					if (baseMessage.getMetadata() != null && baseMessage.getReceiverUid().equalsIgnoreCase(receiverUser.getUid())) {

			public void onError(CometChatException e) {
				Log.d(TAG, "Message fetching failed with exception: " + e.getMessage());


Can you please help us to know is this happening every time or not. Also can you please check other operations like send message, etc.

this is happing every time from last weak , I am able to send message but unable to read conversation let me share short video.

please check

Hello @praveenaikaki,

Thank you for sharing the video recording. As discussed, I am closing out this ticket and we can continue our conversation over email.


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