Unable to send Media message , (Document and images)

Hello Team,

The app was working fine before to share images and document, but today getting below error:
Media message sending failed with error {“code”: “FAILED_TO_FETCH”, “details”: {}, “message”: “The API request was unable to complete. Please check your internet connection and verify the api call.”, “name”: “FAILED_TO_FETCH”}
I am using Latest SDK, 2.0.11, previously it was 2.0.7.

What I am missing here , please check.


Hello @shaheen,

Can you please the code snippet and the screenshot of the network request so that we can identify what the issue is? Also, please make sure you are connected to the internet while sending the media message.

FYI: The latest React Native SDK version is 2.1.2.

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Mayur Bhandari
CometChat Pro

Hey Cometchat, I know this post is a little older, but I’m experiencing this issue in a React Native project, specifically in an Android app.

I’m not able to debug the network call using dev tools, so I wanted to see if there is another methodology that you might recommend, e.g. is there a verbose debug for the call to sendMediaMessage?

For completeness the message I’m seeing is: {"code": "FAILED_TO_FETCH", "details": {}, "message": "There is an unknown issue with the API request. Please check your internet connection and verify the api call.", "name": "FAILED_TO_FETCH"}

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