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I’m following your get started for React app, and I was able to create users and all. Then, I got to the part where I wanted to render the actual chat, and I read about the Unified UI Kit, but I don’t understand if it’s for me to develop or if it’s something ready for me to use.

This tutorial tells me this is one implementation, and the path is not something in my app. It’s in the demo app. Is there a default Unified UI I can actually use in my app or do I have to implement it myself?

Hi @fernando.debem

Can you please list down the steps that you have done for integrating the Unified UI Kit. It would be helpful for us to get you some exact solution to this.



I followed this:

And this:

Hi @fernando.debem,

When you download the sample app, you should see the folder react-chat-ui-kit inside src folder.
This folder consists of all the components inside CometChat/components.
You need to copy this react-chat-ui-kit folder into your project and update the link appropriately.
Let me know if this works for you.

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Thanks! I’ll try that!

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