Upgrading Android Cometchat

The messages are not refreshing, and we are using 2.0V. We want to upgrade to the latest version as this may resolve this, but there’s no documentation to upgrade. Can you help urgently?

We have updated the version on the gradle bundle but we don’t know what functions to change.

We are getting this error after changing the version number:

  1. after msg to any user contact list show “no user found”.
    error: 2020-11-23 12:03:44.176 17808-17808/com.flipspot E/ContactListAdapter: Index -1
  2. Some time app crashing at the time of msg sent

Do you have any idea on how to resolve this?

Hello, anyone here. ?

No support? this is urgent can anyone help…


Could you please help us to know the gradle version which you have updated. Also please share us the proper error log. So we can identify the issue easily and help to resolve.

We are upgrading to the latest 2.1.4

We have updated the line of code to reflect this new version, but we haven’t changed any functions . Because of that, all the functionality of the app is crashing

error: 2020-11-23 12:03:44.176 17808-17808/com.flipspot E/ContactListAdapter: Index -1

is there any guide to upgrade from v2 to v2.1.4 on android, because my develoepr has spent many days with no luck. @darshan.bhanushali


If you were using v2.0.* SDK previously, then you just update cometchat SDK to V2.1.4.

We are not able to identify the issue from the error you shared. Can you please share the whole error log properly.
Also, it seems like ContactListAdapter is part from your side. So without checking your code we cannot help you. If you are using any of our sample apps or uiKit please let us know.