Urgent help for our IOS App

Hi team,

We have two outstanding issues that need to be resolved in the next 24 hours.

1.) While i open the message list a second time, the navigation bar overrides the status bar. In other words, once the keyboard initiates, the header breaks alignment.

2.) We have integrated Chat notifications however if the user is sending a message to another person, it’s still coming as a notification… The logic should be like whatsapp or facebook, where a notification comes if another person sends message. Also another thing is that the notifications are coming even while the app is open, the notifications should only come if user is not on the app. How do we fix this?

Can anyone assist with this please?

Hi, the second issue with the cometchat notification has been resolved. I am still trying to resolve the design breaking once keyboard is initiated.

Hello @flipspot ,

  1. For push notifications, you can easily hide the push notifications if you’re in the chat window, by checking uid of the user. If you want to open a chat window on tap of notification then you can refer to the below documentation.

  2. It seems that you’ve modified the code present in the UI Kit, also we are not able to replicate the issue faced by you in our UI Kit sample app. Unfortunately, we don’t have any alternative solutions for the same.

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