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Hi team,

Our use case for Cometchat is matching buyers and sellers in real-time. If a buyer and seller is matched, but neither has started a conversation, their contact/chat information is disappearing on the Chats page for IOS. On APK and Web we are able to achieve this, but on IOS, we are unable to display the matched contact when neither have sent a message.

But if matched and they don’t chat then a blank chat list conversation should be in conversation list view controller…

Hello @flipspot,

We have already resolved this issue which is going to be in the upcoming release of UI Kit.
If you want to fix this at your end then please refer to the CometChatConversationList and remove the condition for the lastMessage != nil.
You need to handle it on the UI as per your app behaviour.

Pushpsen R. Airekar

Hey @flipspot
I hope this was helpful.
I am going to close this thread due to inactivity.
Please feel free to reach out to us at help@cometchat.com


This didn’t resolve the issue, still the contact is not showing on the chats page when no1 has sent each other a message.

is there any solution to this?

Is there any information on this bug?


Can you please share the screenshot from the android, iOS and web with some indicators which shows the difference.

Please provide us the same so that we’ll be able to assist you.


Pushpsen R. Airekar

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