Using video calling as a group video conference room

Hi. I’m using CometChat Pro Javascript and was wondering if I can use the video calling functionality to create a “group video conference room” where there is a video call that is always open to join even if no group members are online, and any group member can join and leave at any time similar to Zoom or Google Meet. I’d imagine the flow to be like ->
CometChat group is created, Video Call session is automatically created and persisted (never terminated) so any member of the group can join the video call at any time, even if no other members are online.
This way, the users do not need to initialize the call and wait for another member to accept. They can simply join the group video call at any time. The problem I’m having is that when I initialize a video call, it automatically terminates if nobody accepts it. Is there a way we can prevent the termination and always allow users to join that one call session? Thanks.