V1 Topic based push notifications suddenly stopped working

v1 push notifications stopped working around a month ago. So, we migrated to v2 and it works.

The issue is, the end-user is now receiving notifications every time a new message is sent.

The way our app is setup - we have a global feed of messages and all users are part of this group. We don’t want the user to receive notifications for the global feed. We only want them to receive notifications for the global message they clicked on.

This worked previously with the topic-based approach.

Is there a way to stop users from receiving notifications for a specific group - using the new V2 push notification api? Or some other method to make this work?



If I understand correctly, the Token-based Push Notifications are working fine for you.
Also, you have only enabled v2 in the Extension settings so v1 won’t work. If you want that to work, you can use V1 & V2 from settings (for backward compatibility or users using an older version of your app.)

Can you please elaborate more on the Global feed? About how it is implemented?


Hi Prathamesh, thanks for contacting me.

Yes, the token-based push notifications is working as expected. I was having issues with the topic based version. It was previously working and then stopped around a month ago. That’s why we moved to the v2 token approach.

Regarding the Global feed. Basically, it’s just a group. Anytime a new user signs up, we add them to the “Global” group. This is so, all users can see the topic-based messages in the feed.

If a user wants to respond to one of the Global feed topic messages, then they click on the message and we then create a new message group. Then as other users click the message they are added to this new topic message group.

This is so each user can freely converse on the message.

So, to sum it all up. It’s just a live feed, where anyone can post a message. Then other users in the app can click on that message and discuss that specific topic.

Also, we just enabled v1 again to test. We can get push notifications in the foreground of the app but when it’s in the background nothing happens. We see a listener being fired in Android studio.

v1 does not work anymore. Push notifications work in the foreground but not background.
v2 works but we need to be able to unsubscribe to topics like in v1.