V2 Push Notifications - Stop user from receiving notifications from specific user/group

Hi, v1 topic-based push notifications show that the user is successfully subscribed but the user never receives a push notification. We had the working months ago but it stopped suddenly?

Now we are using v2 token-based approach which works but the user receives notifications for every group they are part of.

Is there a method to stop the user from receiving notifications from a particular user and/or group?

We have a main group that all users are a part of. This group gets tons of activity so users have been getting constant notifications. We would like to stop users from getting notifications just for this single group.



Apologies for the late response.

In Token-based Push Notifications, we take care of subscribing/unsubscribing to groups for notifications at the extension’s end. So, when an APNs/FCM token is registered for a particular user, the user automatically gets subscribed to the groups that he is part of and receives push notifications accordingly.

We will soon be implementing Mute functionality so that the users can opt-out of receiving push notifications for certain groups as well as one-on-one conversations. I believe that should resolve your issue.

You can track the progress using the below feature request.