Video and voice call is not working

Please schedule call with Cometchat android developers.

As per your documentation, we integrated cometchat api in our app. We are facing following problem.

  1. text chat working on ( on android 6.0.1 ). and working with error on samsung phone ( Knox 3.1)
  2. Video and voice call is not working.
    if call is initiated from first user but do not notify on other user screen but after call end second user can get miss call notification in list.

for your reference shared code here

Code here

you can find video here: - Video 1 ,

Hi @sanjay.khadatkar,

We are not able to open the code you shared.
Can you please check your application class. And please let us know if you have added the call listeners there.

Hi @sanjay.khadatkar,

Please check whether this line “CometChatCallListener.addCallListener(TAG,this);” is present in your onCreate() method of your application class.
Also add “CometChatCallListener.removeCallListener(TAG);” in onTerminate() method of your application class.

We did not have these lines in our code. As instructed, we added these lines in the code. But after that, the application keeps crashing, and does not start at all. Please guide.

Hi @sanjay.khadatkar,

Can you please share your application class file.?

please find Application class file below:-

please find Application class file below:-

Hello @sanjay.khadatkar
We have released a new version of the Android SDK (version 2.1.0) with a completely new calling module. We have also released the UI Kit with the latest version of the Android SDK. Please clone a fresh copy of the UI Kit and you should not face any issues with calling.
In case you still face any issues, please let us know and we will be happy to help you out with the same.

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