Video/Audio Call not connecting

I’m using
ver. pod ‘CometChatPro’, ‘2.0.8-Xcode11.4’
in my iOS app. The issue is whenever I tried video or audio call between 2 iPhone. The calls are initiating but not connecting to other user or phone. while msgs working. Please help me to resolve it.

Hi @ankit.kumar

I went through your issue and tried to replicate the same but unfortunately i couldn’t find the issue can you please share some log or code of how you have implemented the Calling functionality at your end. Please let us know so that we could help you and fix this issue for you.

Hi Nishant,

Thanks that you replied. This issue is fixed. I was using scene delegate and getting window nil. So I changed the code for getting app window. Now its working.


Hi @ankit.kumar

Sorry for the late reply. Please do let us know if you still have any issue we would love to help you out


Very Very Thanks, got the fix.