Video call is not showing icons in bottom bar buttons in ios

As you cas see, is not showing icons inside the circular buttons. This only occurs on iOS. Android is working good!

@mayur.bhandari any ideas about how to solve this issue in React Native for iOS?

Hello @Laurence,

Can you please let us know which version of the React Native SDK & Calling Component are you using? I would like you to update the React Native SDK & Calling Component to the latest version. The latest version of React Native SDK is 2.3.1-beta1 & the latest version of Calling Component is 2.0.2-beta1.

Updating to this version will need you to make a change in the project level build gradle file for android. You can check the change required here. Hope this helps.

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Mayur Bhandari

Hey @Laurence

Hope this resolve helped the issue you were facing.
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