Voice issues with Audio and Video Call

When i will call one to one after accept call some background noise coming.
I am attaching video for you help.

Find the below link to check video.

Hello @devidas,

  1. Can you please let us know which version of the SDK are you using? Please update to the latest version of the JavaScript SDK(v2.0.7).

  2. Can you please try connecting the calls on different devices?

  3. Can you please run your local project on https instead of http?

Please try these few things and let us know if you face any further issues.

we are use latest version of the JavaScript SDK(v2.0.7)

We are using below version angular and node.
Let me know any change required from our end.
ngular CLI: 8.3.25
Node: 12.16.2
OS: win32 x64
Angular: 8.2.14

Hello @devidas,

We have released a preliminary beta with a cleaner UI and a few optimizations. You can test this by updating to v2.1.0-beta1.

Warm Regards,

CometChat Pro
Mayur Bhandari

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