Vue-kit doesn't mark messages as read

I use cometchat-pro/chat 2.2.1 and cometchat-pro-vue-ui-kit v2.2.1-1 (without modifications).

  • There is a group
  • There are two members in this group (John and Jack)
  • John writes a message to the group and sees it with one grey tick (not delivered)
  • Jack opens the chat and sees in the groups list notification about one unread message
  • Jack opens that group
  • After that Jack doesn’t see notification in the group list (and after refresh page)
  • But Jack sees one grey tick (refresh doesn’t help)
  • I see in Chrome Vue-extension: component CometChatReadReceipt has a prop “message” that contain properties “messageFrom=sender”, “sendAt” with timestamp, but doesn’t contain properties “deliveredAt” and “readAt”

Why? How can I mark read message as “read”? Documentation says that CometChatUI should do it automatically.