What UI Components should I Use if I'm working with your Cordova Plugin in Ionic-Angular?

I’m working on my project with Ionic(5)-angular(10 IVY), and I just got to you. I think ComeChat could help me with my project, so I’m testing your system. I’m following your Cordova/Ionic SDK Documentation. However, I don’t find how to implement the UI Components for Ionic to watch your chat working on my project.
The most obvious answer is to use the Angular UIKit, but I was supposed we were going to have adaptive components the same way Ionic has. An Ionic UI component has two modes, one mode in the Android style and another style for IOS.
Does Comechat have UIKit for Ionic?
Or Should I use Angular UIKit?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hey @Parabellum
We have reached out to you in the other forum thread regarding this issue. Therefore I am closing this ticket.

Thank you,

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