When on a one to one call and a group call comes in the background

When on a one to one call and a group call comes in the background and I reject it but when I try to disconnect the one to one call after I reject the group call, there is no call back for call ended for the ongoing one to one call.

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Hello @imayank91
When you receive a call for a group when in between a one to one call, can you please confirm which method you are calling for rejecting the call and also the parameters that you are passing to that method.?

I am using below mentioned parameters for the method


        object : CometChat.CallbackListener<Call>() {
            override fun onSuccess(p0: Call?) {
                Log.d(TAG, "onSuccess: " + p0?.toString())

                if (p0 != null) {
                    allMessageList.value = mutableAllMessageList

                    if (p0.receiverType.equals(CometChatConstants.RECEIVER_TYPE_USER)) {
                        onetoOneMessageList.value = mutableOneToOneMessageList
                    } else {
                        groupMessageList.value = mutableGroupMessageList

                if (dismissActivity) {
                    if (!activity.isDestroyed)


            override fun onError(p0: CometChatException?) {


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Hello @imayank91
We have replicated the issue you have mentioned at our end. Just to be on the same page we tried the below steps at our end:

  1. User A calls User B
  2. User B answers the call
  3. User A and User B are connected
  4. Either user A or User B receives a group call
  5. You call the rejectCall method with the status set as CALL_STATUS_BUSY from the onIncomingCallReceived() callback of the CallListener
  6. The group call is rejected with Busy status
  7. User A tries to end the Call with User B.
  8. User B and User A both dont receive events for the call ended

Please confirm. We will be adding a fix for this in our next release. We will keep you updated on this. Please follow the below Github issue to keep a track of the progress:

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused.

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Yes aditya.gokula. This is the exact issue I am facing.

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Hello @imayank91
We have released a new version of the Android SDK with the fix for this issue. Please upgrade to version 2.0.3 and check the same at your end. If you face any issues please get back to us by creating a new post and we will be happy to help you.
Appreciate your patience.

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