Why i receive push notification for my own group message

If i send message in a group then why is push notification coming

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hello @mubashshir,

Yes, this is the behavior at the moment since we are using a topic-based approach to push notifications. We are currently in the process of migrating our systems to token-based push notifications. The task has been taken up already and is in the development phase at the moment. We will keep you posted on the updates for the same.

For now, we suggest you hide the push notification in the foreground for the logged-in user by removing completion handler in didReceive Remote notification so that whenever the logged-in user performs some action then, it will not get displayed in the foreground. I hope this simple trick will resolve your issue.

Also, We are tracking your issue. Please upvote to this link. https://feedback.cometchat.com/cometchat-pro-feature-requests/p/push-notification-using-tokens

For further queries, you can post your doubts from the CometChat dashboard by clicking on the chat icon in right-hand side corner.


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how to handle it when we send it on web app and received it on mobile app


This is not possible at the current moment. But our token-based approach for push notifications will resolve this automatically.

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