Wordpress plugin not show

I follow this tutorial about wordpress and cometchat from official website.
I set all settings on my wordpress website from the app and the widget I created on here.

  • Add CometChat App ID,
  • Select CometChat Region
  • Add CometChat Rest API Key
  • Add CometChat Auth Key
    I set this option:

[cometchat-pro widget-id='WIDGET_ID' widget-height='600px' widget-width='600px' widget-version='v3' widget-docked='true' widget-docked-position='right' rounded-corners='true']

I activate the plugin but I don’t see the chat area.
Why and how can be fixed?
Thank you.


Have you modified the shortcode to include the Widget ID? Are you seeing any errors in Console (under Developer Tools in Google Chrome)?

Hi @catafest
I am closing this thread out.
Please reach out to us at help@cometchat.com if you require further technical help.