Xcode 11.3.1 can't find protocol declaration CometChatMessageDelegate

can’t find protocol declaration CometChatMessageDelegate,CometChatGroupDelegate, CometChatUserDelegate, CometChatCallDelegate

xcode 11.3.1
download this sample and changed pod file to ‘CometChatPro’,‘2.0.11-Xcode11.3’

and I follow the setup

If you are integrating CometChat Pro iOS SDK in your Objective C app then you need to perform these two steps:

  1. Add below support files from the sample app:

Download Objective-C Support files,this link is 404?so where i can get the objective-c support files

this link

said CometChatProRequests Folder,where is the folder?sample app don’t include it?

how can i resolve the error?

build error

Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘CometChatGroupDelegate’
Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘CometChatMessageDelegate’
Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘CometChatUserDelegate’
Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘CometChatMessageDelegate’
Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘CometChatCallDelegate’

/Downloads/ios-objective-c-chat-app-master/Xcode 11.3/CometChatObjc/main.m:10:9: In file included from /Downloads/ios-objective-c-chat-app-master/Xcode 11.3/CometChatObjc/main.m:10:

/Users/Downloads/ios-objective-c-chat-app-master/Xcode 11.3/CometChatObjc/App/AppDelegate.h:11:9: In file included from /Users/Downloads/ios-objective-c-chat-app-master/Xcode 11.3/CometChatObjc/App/AppDelegate.h:11:

/Users//Downloads/ios-objective-c-chat-app-master/Xcode 11.3/CometChatObjc/App/MainViewController.h:10:9: In file included from /Users//Downloads/ios-objective-c-chat-app-master/Xcode 11.3/CometChatObjc/App/MainViewController.h:10:

how to resolve these

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Hi @wolfljj

The steps to run the project

  1. Clone the project
  2. Do a pod install
  3. Run the project on a device

This would work when you run the app on device and not on a simulator. We are aware of the issue and it is because of the Swift and objective C interoperability. We are working on that issue to provide some workaround. As I can see you have created. a GitHub issue and we have will update it when we have a workaround for it. If you still face issue while running on the device Do let us know we would love to help you out.

Nishant Tiwari



The above issue has been resolved and will be available in the next release. Will update the thread once we release it


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We have released the new 2.0.13 with has the fix of the issue faced by you. Please update the SDK to the 2.0.13 to get the fix. Here is the link of currently supported Xcode versions

Let us know if you face any other issue. We would be happy to assist you.

Jeet Kapadia


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